Jerk seasoning/ sauce is a spicy concoction that is made (blended) and applied to food as a form of flavoring.

Origin: Jerk seasoning and the method of cooking was originated by the Arawaks (Tainos) who came to Jamaica in 1655, who later passed on the knowledge to African slaves. The jerk seasoning was made by combining natural and authentic spices grown on the island. The seasoning was then added to meat and slowly cooked over a wood fire.

Ingredients: Jerk seasoning is comprised of a variety of spices which includes- salt, pepper, garlic, pimento seeds, cloves, nutmeg, scotch bonnet pepper, thyme, scallion, onion and ginger. Some individuals add additional spices to the mixture such as cinnamon. The jerk “rub” is then added to meat and left for a period of time (usually overnight) to marinate in order for the meat to absorb all the jerk flavor. Modern methods of cooking jerk (chicken/pork) is on a grill or in an oven.

Jerk is most common in the Caribbean, particularly in Jamaica where it is a permanent part of the culture. Jerk has made Jamaica well known all over the world where one can not speak of the Jamaican culture without the association of “Jerk” spices.

A video and recipe for making authentic jerk sauce/seasoning is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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